Online Messaging Solution

Send and receive text messages with the online SMS platform. We will create an account for you, and you simply upload your contacts and start reaching out to your customers.


Web SMS Service

Send and receive text messages online through our Web SMS Service. The Web SMS  is an easy-to-use tool to send SMS messages online to your current or prospect customers.

Email to SMS

You can send business text messages from your email . Using this feature is easy and it is also compatible with the major email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and more. You can choose also to forward text messages replies to your business mailbox for efficiency and better tracking.

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2 Way SMS

With the 2 Way SMS you can send and receive messages and you start engaging in conversations with your clients or launch interactive marketing campaigns to help strengthen your relationship. The platform allows to create automation rules process replies and incoming messages such as automatic replies, adding subscribers to list, and taking an action based on keywords in the incoming messages

SMS Reminders

Using the platform, you can send appointments’ confirmations and reminders. Receiving text messages reminders is becoming the preferred option for the customers and it also reduces the no-shows rate.

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SMS Marketing

SMS is a great tool to Increase sales and retain customers. SMS marketing has become more effective and provides the best overall value for increasing sales and retaining customers.


With this SMS API, we can seamlessly integrate your existing app with our platform to automate and personalize the text SMS based on dataset that is already in your platform.

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